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Championship Back and Biceps Training

The Fit Guy's Guide to Eating Carbs
Truth be told, the answer lies in what type of carbs you’re consuming and when you’re consuming them.
Fail-Safe Optimal Post-Workout Nutrition
So, you consumed the optimal pre-workout meal, drank a pre-workout supplement with an effective formula, and absolutely killed your workout. Now what?

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Training To Recover: Over Trained or Under Recovered?
The demands, stresses, and scheduling of life can impact our energy. When you get hit with life's stressors, that begs the question: Are you over trained or under recovered?
7 Reasons to Give Up Alcohol for a Month
No matter what the month, a brief alcohol cleanse is always good for your system. Here are seven reasons why you should think about taking a walk on the dry side.
Do’s and Don’ts to Optimizing Your Digestion

Whether you turn on the TV, chat at the gym, or go to a...

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Double The Muscle Building Gains From Your Workout
Eliminate These Two Common Training Mistakes and Double the Muscle Building Gains from Your Workouts
The Secrets to Building Strength & Size — Fast!
Ever noticed people in the gym who seem to lift the same weights and look the same as they did before? Could be wasting their time.
Labrada Unites with Veteran Organization – Team RWB
To learn more about this organization check out:

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Protein Craze? Adults are Still Not Getting Enough!
We've all been told how important protein is to our health, but it seems that older adults are still not getting enough of this essential macronutrient. Read on for the full story.
An Easy Way to Fill the Protein Gap
We've all been told how important protein is to our health, but it seems that older adults are still not getting enough of this essential macro. Read on for the full story.
Seeking High Protein with Zero Trans Fat?
Remember back in the ’80s when fat-free diets werethe big thing? (If you’re too young to remember, it was an era of serious fear mongering.)

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Boost Your Immune System With Glutamine
And remember that the normal, healthy, balanced bacteria in our gastrointestinal system (or guts for short) is the basis for our immune system.
How to Reduce Post-Workout Pain
Post-workout soreness isn’t anything to call 9-1-1 over, but it certainly isn’t a treat, either. Keep reading to learn more about why it happens, and how you can help ease
Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?
Shoulder pain frequently gets in the way of fitness goals.  Injuries to your rotator cuff are among the most common exercise-related problems in the upper body.  Keep readin

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14 Vitamins Everyone Building Their Body Needs
The proper growth and development of muscle tissue cannot take place unless we begin emphasizing the micro and micronutrient intake.
Can Melatonin Reduce Covid-19 Risk?
It was also found that melatonin usage correlated with a 52% decrease in the likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19 in Aftrican-Americans
A Breakdown of Vitamins to Strengthen your Immune System
Your immune system does a good job of protecting you from disease, however, it can not always be full-proof. Which ones may benefit us?

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4 Circuits to Fire Up Your Glutes
Getting your backside full and firm is a priority to you, but you can only do so many squats before you get bored with the process.
Smart Training For Triceps

You’ve been training for a while now and expect to see results in the...

TUT 101: Time Under Tension
What is TUT? How will it help you build bigger, stronger muscles in the gym? Is it even worth your time? You better believe it!