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Unlock Your Full Potential: Mastering Mindset for Effective Workouts and Healthy Eating

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Lee Labrada:  The Benefit of Sleep
Sleep is a fundamental aspect of human life, playing a pivotal role in maintaining our physical and mental well-being. Beyond its well-known effects on cognitive function and mood, sleep also wields a significant influence over our body weight.
Motivation and Success: It all starts between your ears
What causes one person to be very motivated but another not to be? It's an age-old question
Double The Muscle Building Gains From Your Workout
Eliminate These Two Common Training Mistakes and Double the Muscle Building Gains from Your Workouts
The Secrets to Building Strength & Size — Fast!
Ever noticed people in the gym who seem to lift the same weights and look the same as they did before? Could be wasting their time.
Labrada Unites with Veteran Organization – Team RWB
To learn more about this organization check out:
Lean Body Challenge Winner, Caleb Taylor Loses 40+ Pounds!
Watch this Interview with Lean Body Challenge winner as Lee Labrada interviews Caleb Taylor and his wife, Rochelle. Learn how Caleb lost over 40+ pounds and won his battle wi
6 Ways to Reduce Stress Eating
Your poor, unsuspecting fridge. One minute it’s just sitting there, doing its thing, and the next it’s being completely ransacked by a crazed woman on a mission – aka, Y
Turn Complaints Into Successes
When things don’t go our way, we often complain and get frustrated. Here’s how to turn your complaints into successes!