Motivation & Mindset
Think Small for Big Success
I have found that one of the best ways to break the vicious cycle of not achieving is to make a small commitment and to follow it with a small step. 
Positive Viewpoints by Keith Klein
If you want to change your weight​ or the way you look, then you must change the way you’ve always viewed what you do with your food and exercise. Read on to learn about w
4 Methods to Embrace Change by Keith Klein
One constant thing about life is that we will all face changes. Changes can be good or they can be bad, but even with good changes stress can still occur. Read on to learn 4 C
Kickstart Your Motivation
Everyone wishes they had more motivation. Why? Because people realize that motivation is at the root of all changes; and the more motivated we are, the more likely we can chan
30 Ways to Improve Your Mindset for a Better You: COVID-19 Edition
Learning to pivot in times like these is critical to the survival of our personal health, wealth, and happiness. This means that what you feed your mind, body, and soul on a d
5 Critical Tips To Achieve A LEAN BODY
If you’re training and diet have taken your physique to a plateau, you may be committing one or more of these fatal flaws. Let's see what we can do.