30 Ways to Improve Your Mindset for a Better You: COVID
19 Edition

The ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis have every one of us wondering when things will return, if ever, to normal. With so many forced out of a job or required to stay at home, our daily habits have been upended. We long for the days when we could drop our kids off at school, drive our cars into the office, and continue our daily routines as normal. We long to spend time with our family and friends in public, to attend sporting events, go out to eat, see a movie, and do so many of the things we once took for granted. 

Learning to pivot in times like these is critical to the survival of our personal health, wealth, and happiness. I want to discuss ways to strengthen these three pillars today. Let me preface my suggestions, by first explaining that it starts and stops with you. This means that what you feed your mind, body, and soul on a daily basis counts, especially now.

Keep in mind that your family will respond in the manner you respond during this unprecedented time. Seeing you take charge of your mindset and moving forward with positive, purposeful action, is what your family and friends need most from you. You can be this example, even if you are amongst the unemployed, the scared, and the worried—but you must first flip your personal narrative.

Remember when I mentioned pivot?
There are 2 options. You can choose to utilize this time to grow your skillset and lay the foundation for the future that you never thought you would have to prepare for, or you can sit back and let the hungry attack, while you wallow. You are more than your job, your title, or your wealth. You are needed by someone, and that someone needs you to show up as the best version of yourself. If you can’t scrounge up the courage to do it for you, do it for them.

Ways to improve your mental and physical health, wealth, and happiness:
1. List out 5 things you are grateful for each morning when you wake up.
2. Make your bed. Start the day with this small win.
3. Say no to something that isn’t a priority for you.
4. Get outside and feel the sun on your skin.
5. Take a shower, put on a nice outfit, and if you’re a lady reader — do your hair and makeup. Trust me, it makes all the difference!
6. Make time for self-reflection. Meet yourself where you are within this moment.
7. Meditate via a YouTube video or app.
8. Literally flip the narrative on a negative thought process. (ex. I can’t do that – Instead: I can’t do that yet; however, if I do a, b, and c, I can certainly master that)
9. Listen to an uplifting/motivational song, podcast, our YouTube video to get you pumped for the day. Millions of people have endured duress and poverty equal to that caused by this crisis and gone on to become some of the most successful people in the world. Internalize their story, their thought process, and then work on molding your own.
10. Find an online exercise program or app that fits your physique goals. I recommend joining a group that offers a community platform, such as a FB group or LIVE workout classes if possible.
11. Fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea and read a book or magazine just because. Let your mind run wild.
12. Put your phone out of reach completely during meals with your family.
13. Change your screensaver to one that motivates you to kick it into high gear every time you see it.
14. If you have a moment of weakness and feel depressive, low-frequency vibes, imagine what you would tell a friend who is in the same situation. Listen to yourself as you would listen to a friend!
15. Imagine your dream life and build your road map to get there. Put pen to paper and think about how you would approach your dream if fear was not in the equation.
16. Call and catch up with your family members and friends. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing someone you love, tell you they understand what you are growing through – and that they support you! You are never alone. Don’t act like it.
17. Do something you used to love doing as a kid (ex. Take a nature walk, but implement social distancing while doing so)
18. Find a FB group of like-minded people who all do something that you love (ex. If you love gardening, find a gardening group and start making friends and learning new ways to practice your craft.
19. Attend a live concert hosted by your favorite musician/band. Hey, you don’t even have to get out of your jammies this time!
20. Complete meal prep as a family or utilize a meal prep service that has COVID-19 practices in place. Think of the time it will save to have your meals ready to go during a crazy day of homeschooling the kids or learning how to take your job completely remote. Your health is worth the prior planning.
21. As Keith Klein always says…Make better bad choices when you want to treat yourself to a yummy snack. It’s easy to gain the quarantine 15, but you needn’t be in that group. (ex. Have a cheat meal or dessert instead of a cheat day without planning any of your meals)
22. Connect with someone online who does the work that you wish you were doing. Ask them about how they developed their skillset and snagged the job!
23. Take a FREE course/certification online to grow your skillset and your resume. Just Google it! Numerous colleges are offering FREE courses and certifications with people stuck at home social distancing. Who knows, you may discover an even more profitable talent that you have!
24. Start an online business/offer your talents to others in order to make extra money (ex. I am in the process of building a health/life insurance and financial services agency entirely online, as I know that I can continue to serve clients and their families for years to come. I am using this time to hire and train my team since I am not traveling for my other job. Once trained, my producers will be able to run the business from their homes, whether I am working with them that day or not. 
25. Write down one thing to celebrate and let yourself FEEL that happiness.
26. Reconnect with an old friend. Who knows, they may have a network of friends and coworkers who have just the right next opportunity for you if you are job hunting! We are all in this together!
27. Write a love letter to yourself. What would a loved one say about you? Feel yourself speaking that narrative into your mind as you write.
28. Take a guilt-free power nap, then pop back up and get started again.
29. Get up to watch the sunrise or watch the sunset. Appreciate the beauty that still exists, even during these crazy times.
30. Pack a picnic lunch and go outside and eat.  Even if it just in your backyard.  

Wrapping it Up I hope you are prepping to ferociously Google how to learn/become a, b, or c while working full-time, while Job searching, or while homeschooling your kids. You know why? Because Y-O-U have the power to be anyone you want to be, if you can first locate the courage to jump in—no matter how terrifying. It truly is about finding your tribe and lifting one another up. Social media has created a very effective platform for us to do this, while under governmental restrictions. Be scared and move together as a unit folks! You are not alone. Wishing you nothing but health, wealth, and happiness for years to come!

About the Author: Courtney Alcala-Herrera MS

Courtney lives in Texas with her husband and their two dogs. Courtney is a clinical research and health education expert whose life mission is to spread health and lifestyle modifications to the public. When she’s not traveling across the country monitoring research studies, you can catch Courtney counseling her fitness clients, prepping for her next bikini competition, or racing off to explore with her husband.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not meant as medical advice, nor is it to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult your physician before starting or changing your diet or exercise program. Any use of this information is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the user.