Seeking High Protein with Zero Trans Fat?

Remember back in the ’80s when fat-free diets werethe big thing? (If you’re too young to remember, it was an era of serious fear mongering.) Fat was the enemy, and your mission was to eliminate it from your dietSTAT.

Fast forward a few decades. Certified nutritionists have since reassured us that not all fats are evil. Take healthy omega-3s. Research shows that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help battle fatigue, sharpen your memory, and balance your mood.1

Still, one must never completely let their defenses down. There is one type of fat that’s worthy of some good ‘old fashioned ’80s hysteria: trans fat. Whether you’re stocking up on weekly groceries or loading up on high-protein supplements, you need to be on guard for this sinister ingredient. Allow us to explain …

What are trans fats?

Trans fats are a type of fat found in some food, either naturally or artificially. Small amounts of naturally occurring trans fats appear in things like dairy products, meat, and some oils, but it’s the artificial fats that are cause for greater concern.

Artificial trans fat is made when hydrogen is added to a liquid vegetable oil to make it more solid. Seems like a weird thing to do, right? But trans fats are big business for food manufacturers as they can help improve a product’s taste and texture. Case in point: your favorite fast-food French fries or donuts. Trans fats also improve food stability; meaning, a product can stay on shelf that much longer when it’s higher in trans fat.Since trans fats are inexpensive to produce, they make for big profits, too.

Why the concernover trans fats?

So, what could be wrong with better-tasting and more affordable food products? Don’t be fooled, because according to the American Heart Association, trans fats raise your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol levels and lower your “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels. They alsoincrease your risk of developing heart disease, the leading cause of death in men and women in the U.S.2 Oh, and let’s not forget that trans fats can also increase your odds of having a stroke or getting type 2 diabetes.

Luckily, the FDA has stepped in …

Back in 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that trans fats were unsafe to eat. They officially banned the use of trans fats , or partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), in all foods sold in American restaurants and grocery stores. Of course, a change so massive wouldn’t happen overnight. The FDA gave manufacturers three years – a deadline of June 18, 2018 – to comply with the new ban.3

For products made prior to June 18, 2018, the FDA extended the deadline further to January 1, 2020. This would give these products ample time to make their way through the distribution cycle.4The idea was to focus on consumer health, while understanding the need for an orderly transition of new products into the marketplace.

So, things are all good, right?

The FDA’s ban of trans fats was a wonderful thing – a huge step in making America healthier. However, because of the 2020 extension, trans fats may still be found in some of your favorite food and drinks, including:

  • Crackers, cookies, cakes, frozen pies, and other baked goods
  • Frozen pizzas and other convenience foods
  • Refrigerated dough products (such as biscuits and cinnamon rolls)
  • Fried fast food (i.e. French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, and breaded fish)
  • Vegetable shortenings and some stick margarines
  • Coffee creamer

Now, you might be thinking, “These items aren’t exactly the healthiest to begin with. I rarely eat them.” That’s great! But trans fats can also appear infitness supplements. That’s right … healthy, goal-supporting fitness supplements. If you want to keep your clean eating momentum going, you need to check the labels ofhigh-protein shakes and RTDs too!

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered

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Things are just as good on the “don’t have” list: Lean Body RTDs are free of trans fat, sugar, gluten, lactose, and artificial colors and flavors. And of course, no lugging around tubs of protein and shaker cups.

It’s the best of both worlds; the deliciously healthy, high-protein nutrition you want, without the trans fats, additives, and inconvenience that you don’t. As a snack or meal, Lean Body RTDs make it that much easier to resist the junk and stay on track.

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Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not meant as medical advice, nor is it to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult your physician before starting or changing your diet or exercise program. Any use of this information is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the user.