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Lee Back and Bicep Video
Hey guys it's Lee Labrada your lean body coach and we're here in the Labrada Nutrition gym today we're going to be training back and biceps!
Strength vs. Power vs. Endurance
Are you looking to get stronger, bulk up, lean down, or improve your times? Here is what you need to know about strength
Exercise Choices: Don’t Get Stuck in the Folk Tales and Myths
many traditional exercises that we have dogmatically embraced over the past century, are actually “bad”
4 Circuits to Fire Up Your Glutes
Getting your backside full and firm is a priority to you, but you can only do so many squats before you get bored with the process.
Smart Training For Triceps

You’ve been training for a while now and expect to see results in the...

TUT 101: Time Under Tension
What is TUT? How will it help you build bigger, stronger muscles in the gym? Is it even worth your time? You better believe it!
4 Ways to Avoid Being a January-Only Gym Goer
To help you avoid being that gym goer that quits in February, here are four easy ways to keep your January workout momentum in full gear for the whole year.

Did you know that building your back, shoulders, and glutes will give you an...

The Most Efficient Ab Workout Ever?
Join Lee Labrada in a quick but powerful ab workout.  Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get even more great tips!