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Triceps Pushdown Training Tips (video)
Brett Trevino walks you through exactly how to perform a Tricep Pushdown properly. Learn what to do and what not to do.
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How you organize your program, which muscle groups when, and recovery timing can make or break your results.
20-20 Workout: Workout in 20 minutes!
Whether you are coming back from an injury, workout newbie, wanting to add more to your warmup or looking for a quick routine before work. Start here!
Superhero Shoulder Workout
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25-minute Arm Building Routine
Check out this workout routine that allows you to train your arms in 25 minutes! Sometimes I get the best routines when I have the least
Push/Pull For Power
There are many excellent ways to train, more ways than I have fingers on my hands. Examples include: antagonistic supersets, compound superse