5 Ways to Stay Fit as a (Happy) Couple

Somewhere during season three of your latest Netflix binge, with a big bowl of chips in hand, you and your partner made the decision: It’s time to shape up!

So, here you are … ready, willing, and excited to start working out and eating healthier.

Now for the fun part. We’ve got your back with five easy ways to make the process as smooth as possible. Keep reading for our get-fit-together tips!

1. Wrap Your Head Around It 

Is it just us, or are the words “healthy mindset” everywhere these days? We’re not complaining. In fact, we whole-heartedly agree that what usually separates those who succeed and those who don’t is … you guessed it … mindset. It requires getting rid of limiting beliefs (thinking you’re stuck in a given situation) and replacing them with empowering beliefs (knowing you can achieve whatever goal is on your heart.)

So, what does all this have to do with getting fit as a couple? Everything! Before you and your partner start your new fitness program, decide that you WILL see great results. No IFsANDs, or BUTs about it. It sounds cheesy – maybe even cliché – but you’ve got to believe it to achieve it!

START HERE: Grab two sticky notes; one for you, one for your partner. On each note, write “I am so happy that it’s [insert date in the future] and I’ve reached my goal of [insert goal].” By writing your goal as if you’ve already achieved it, you’ll effectively train your brain to ensure it happens. 

2. Sync Your Schedules 

Like the dynamic duo that you are, you and your partner have vowed to work out together. You know that the extra accountability will make it harder for you – in a good way – to skip your sweat sessions.

For this plan to work, you need to be on roughly the same schedule. If you’re a rise-and-shine morning person but your partner can barely open his or her eyes before noon, you’ll probably find it tricky to coordinate your workouts. In a perfect world, you should go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, and train at the same time. Sound doable?

START HERE: Decide what training times generally work best for both of you. Add your workout “appointments” to the calendar, the same way you’d add a doctor’s appointment or another important event. You’ll be less likely to skip your workouts if they’re etched in stone. 

3. Become Food-United 

When it comes to getting fit, most of the magic happens in the kitchen. Make sure you’re stocked with all the good stuff to help maximize your time in the gym. Grocery shop and meal plan together so that a) you can choose foods you both enjoy, and b) so that you can be sure your partner isn’t sneaking in a few jumbo packs of Cheetos. Some treats are alright, because the last thing you want to do is completely deprive yourself. (This usually ends up backfiring by making you crave the forbidden food even more.). But as a whole, make sure you’re eating quality proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and fruits and veggies.

START HERE: Write a healthy grocery list that you can replicate each week, or as needed. Allow for the occasional treat to satisfy those sweet or savory cravings. Since snack time is where many people struggle, you can also stock up on high-protein, low-carb Lean Body RTDs. Think of them as a rich, creamy shake – without the extra sugar. 

4. Add Some Friendly Competition   

No one said you had to be lovey-dovey all the time, right? Throw some friendly competition and good-natured trash-talking in the mix, and you might see better results! You can compete to see who loses the most fat, drops the most inches, or builds the most muscle in a given amount of time. There are lots of exercise and training tips on our site to give you a place to start. Or, take things one step further by joining an online fitness challenge – with the Lean Body Mobile App .

5. Plan a Fun Reward 

Having your eye on a prize can help keep you and your partner motivated throughout your fitness journey. You might choose a weekend getaway, a fancy meal out, a couple’s spa visit, etc. The key is to choose something you can do together that you wouldn’t often do. Otherwise, you won’t have the same drive to work for it. It also goes without saying: make sure the reward is something you both enjoy. No dragging someone to the opera or demolition derby if it isn’t their thing!

START HERE: Grab those sticky notes again and write three reward ideas each. When you’re done, compare notes to see if any rewards made both lists. Keep going until you find “the one” that has you both smiling. 

And there you have it … five easy ways to get and stay fit as a couple.

About the Author: Nicole Kepic

Nicole Kepic is a freelance copywriter who specializes in health, wellness, and lifestyle writing. She has also had articles published in a variety of fitness and bodybuilding magazines. When she’s not busy writing for her clients, Nicole is either keeping active with her family, curling up with a great mystery novel, or dreaming of her next sunny vacation. To learn more, visit www.nicolekepic.com

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