Lee's Back & Bi Workout with Craig DeSerf 


In this video, bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada and his longtime training buddy, Craig DeSerf take you through their Back and Bis workout routine while sharing stories from their Mr. Olympia bodybuilding days.

The video kicks off with Lee reminiscing about his career, showing off some cool photos and memorabilia from back in the day. As they dive into their workout, Lee and Craig demonstrate a variety of back and bicep exercises...


Throw Back Thursday!
Carbs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Lee Labrada shares his personal insightful strategies on the optimal use of carbohydrates for muscle growth and energy. Emphasizing the significance of timing, Lee explains how to smartly incorporate carbs into your diet to fuel workouts, enhance recovery, and achieve peak physical performance, ensuring every gram counts and why carbs can be good, bad, and ugly depending on the type, and time of usage.


Take The Ultimate Entrepreneur's Road Map!

Joe Polish

In today's episode, we're honored to have Joe Polish.

Joe is a master networker, a beacon for top motivational speakers and authors, and a regular collaborator with legends like Tony Robbins.

Our journey with Joe stretches nearly three decades back, starting from our early days with fitness pioneer Bill Phillips.

This episode is packed with invaluable insights for anyone looking to carve a successful path in entrepreneurship, especially in the fitness industry or any other field.

Joe will share his expert takes on effective marketing, overcoming the hurdles of starting a business, and the crucial keys to entrepreneurial success.


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