Brotherly Bonds and Building Muscle The Labrada Way

This week's training video features Lee and Gene Labrada focusing on chest and shoulder workouts, emphasizing exercise selection and performance tips to maximize muscle growth and reduce injury risk.

Gene shares his personal experience of not being sure whether he would compete and the discussion he had with Lee that ultimately pushed into bodybuilding competition where he would also succeed.

Get ready to enjoy some behind-the-scenes brotherly banter, an intense training session, and some motivational tips on how to keep consistent as the years roll on.

Boost Your Metabolism with Lee Labrada:
The Ultimate High-Protein Snack Guide

Hey %FIRSTNAME%  Ready for a quick dive into a game-changing snack hack? In just two minutes, let's chat about how munching on 
high-protein snacks could ramp up your metabolism by a whopping 20% and help you shave off that extra fat.

Lee's going to show you just how big these snacks should be and how often you should be snacking to see the best results.

Stick around as we unlock the secrets to snacking smart and making your metabolism your best friend in the journey to a leaner, meaner you.


 Jay Talks Nutrition, Training, Mindset, Legacy, Passion and Business
Jay Cutler

Welcome to a special episode of the Lee Labrada Show, where we sit down with four-time, Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler.

Join us as Lee and Jay delve into a deep discussion covering the highs and lows of their bodybuilding journeys and the life lessons learned along the way.

Jay shares his transition from the stage to the boardroom, revealing how he built his business empire and became a social media influencer. This episode is packed with insights on building a legacy, maintaining peak fitness over 50, and the importance of health and wellness in and out of the gym.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with valuable advice for aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike, as Jay discusses his passions, future projects, and his ongoing impact on the bodybuilding world.

Protein-Packed Pleasure: Cream Cheese Brownies that'll Make You Drool!
Watch the Protein Chef Break It Down

🍫🍰 🍫🍰 Ready for a whirlwind of flavor that's both guilt-free and utterly indulgent? Dive into our latest kitchen adventure with our Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie Protein Shake recipe! 🎉 Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with layers of rich chocolate, creamy cheesecake, and fudgy brownie goodness—all in one bite!🤩👌

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