Top 5 Wearable Fitness Trackers

For those of you who like to train to the beat of your own independent fitness drum, I’d like to introduce wearable fitness technology. In a land of infinite motivational options, wearable devices have been the trend for quite some time. I believe this is partly due to their ability to provide smartphone intelligence and the convenience of a watch. These lightweight devices can track your steps, your sleep, calories burned, cycling information, connect to your music, and much more. Although there is an array of options to choose from in this consumer product category the top five rated brands based on consumer product reviews are: Koretrak, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, and Polar. If you’d like to know the difference between the fabulous five, please read on.


Koretrak has been rated the best fitness tracker in the market, with almost a perfect five-star rating from approximately three thousand consumer reviews. Not only does this device offer effective metrics to assist you with wellness progress, but it also offers a great financial benefit. While the Koretrak is offered at full retail for $100, it is currently on sale for 50% off at a low cost of $49.95! Although it is only offered in one design, I believe its features, and reputation are worthy of forgiveness as I personally consider the “bang I receive for my buck.” Below are additional features to consider regarding the Koretrak.

• Tracks Steps, Blood Pressure, & Calories
• Monitor Heart/Sleeping Activity
• IP67 Waterproof Product
• 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
• 96h Long-Lasting Battery
• HD Retina & Touch Display
• 4.1 Bluetooth Connectivity
• Hardened Aluminum Shell
• Compatible with iOS & Android

• Limited stock (due to demand of course)
• Limited in design


As an outsider, I have heard “my Fitbit” spoken more by wearable fitness device consumers than any other brand which is why I’m not surprised that the Fitbit made the top five cut. It is ranked top two with a four-star rating from over 2400 reviews. Although this fitness device option can cost approximately $200 full retail, one can find it as low as $50 on sale in certain versions. Below are some additional pros and cons about the Fitbit tracker.  

• 24/7 heart rate tracking
• Automatic exercise recognition
• Good battery life
• Built-in Spotify
• Amazon Alexa built-in
• Customizable clock face
• Offers an abundance of band and color options
• Guided breathing sessions
• Swimproof

• No fast charge option
• No GPS


The Garmen Runner 245 Music fitness tracker was ranked top three with a four-star ranking from over 1800 reviews and has a current retail of $299. It is a great option for runners looking to improve performance. 

Below are some noteworthy features of the Garmen fitness tracker.

• Highly accurate heart rate monitoring
• Compatible with Android and iOS
• Light and comfortable
• Great battery life
• Music storage option
• An abundance of training metrics

• Feels a little cheaper than other trackers
• The menu is slightly difficult to navigate
• The sleep tracker accuracy needing improvement 


This Apple Watch Series 5 provides detailed metrics that keep you on top of your wellness game! If you love options regarding design, this smartwatch may be the choice for you. This product offers a variety of bands and apple signature futuristic designs. Also, if sustainability is important to you, please note that this device is also made of 100% recycled titanium and aluminum. The apple watch ranked at number four with a four-star rating on over 2500 reviews. The average retail for this device is $399. Additional features of the Apple Watch Series 5 are offered below:  

• Heart rate and rhythm metrics
• Clean and sophisticated look
• Always-on retina display
• Pre-installed apple music
• Cycle tracking app
• Compass

• Priciest option
• Not available for Android
• Limited battery life


Last, but not least, is the Polar fitness tracker ranked at number five with a four-star rating from over 1,600 reviews.  

This option is offered at a very fair retail price of $119. It is compatible with both androids and iPhones and offers comfortability. Being that it offers 24/7 heartrate compatibility, the Polar fitness tracker is meant to be worn day and night (even in the shower). 

Pros and cons of the Polar fitness tracker are: 

• In-depth sleep analysis
• Phone notifications
• Pick the right sport profile
• Full-color display
• Strong battery life (up to four days)
• Water-resistant

• Less than superior design
• No onboard GPS
• Moderate Bluetooth connectivity
• Subpar screen clarity


There you have it! The cream of the crop regarding wearable fitness trackers. Consider something new when it comes to your “next level” initiatives and consider one of these magical fitness trackers. You are only as out of shape as the unhealthy secrets you keep or patterns you ignore. 

Allow this watch-sized version of a personal trainer to tap you on the shoulder (or wrist) to expose you to your fitness truth. Truth is power and tracking progress is the light on our journey. Happy shopping my fitness friends! 

About the Author: Laura Coleman

Laura Coleman is the ultimate fitness as a lifestyle enthusiast, touching just about every aspect of the fitness industry. Part of her experience ranges from fitness trainer, NPC figure competitor, Muscle Beach Classic judge, print model, and writer. She also has 12 years experience in nutritional supplement B2B sales, promoting sports nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements.

Fun fact: She has even had the pleasure of being Ralph Dehaan’s photography assistant during extended lunch breaks in her early years where she’d hop in and be the fitness girl on the bodybuilder’s shoulder one minute while helping Ralph adjust lighting another. Can anyone say, hustler 

She’s been featured several times in Oxygen Fitness Magazine, is the proud face of the Labrada Nutrition Lean Body for Her Protein Box, and is a common face for several HOIST Fitness Systems campaigns.

With 15 years of deep industry experience, Laura is excited to be back and active with the Labrada family through social media and writing. With a world wind of experience, there’s something beautiful about ending up right where she began 15 years ago. She is beyond excited to join Labrada in carrying the message of not just fitness, but TRUE WELLNESS AND SELF KINDNESS. Stay tuned as she continues to make her mark in the industry as a resource of knowledge but most importantly comfort and trust.

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